Highbury teams up with Korean governments to create high-quality fuels from Highbury synthesis gas

Highbury is working with a Korean government agency to convert our syngas into jet and diesel fuels. The process will combine a syngas-to-liquids process developed by the agency – Korea Institute of Energy Research, or KIER – and Highbury’s propriatery biomass gasifier technology. The aim is to produce simpler syngas cleaning and more efficient production of wax-free diesel from biomass,  and to improve the quality of the liquid yields, which span a range from jet-fuel to diesel.

The partnership began in late 2013 after Highbury was one of four winning applicants in a bioenergy competition for a grant sponsored by the BC Bioenergy Network and the Korean Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP). The two-year, $300,000 project aims to develop a process for converting Highbury’s syngas to diesel liquid through Fischer-Tropsch processes, which are a series of chemical reactions that convert a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons. In testing, Highbury’s gasifier technology has yielded the lowest well-to-wheel CO2 emissions per kilometre of any liquid fuel used.

Korea Institute of Energy Research