Highbury agreement with Korea Institute of Energy Research a milestone towards renewable biofuel production

After a very successful two-year project to further develop our pathway of biomass to renewable transportation fuels, Highbury Energy Inc. (HEI) is delighted to announce that it has signed a commercial licensing agreement with the Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER) aimed at paving the way towards the future large-scale production of liquid fuels.

Supported by the BC Bioenergy network (BCBN), the deal allows HEI to use KIER’s advanced Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technologies to produce low-carbon liquid fuels from HEI’s high-quality synthesis gas.

“The results of the project were extremely promising, exceeding expectations,” said Highbury CEO Thomas Hobby. “The composition of the FT liquid showed negligible waxes and a high percentage of the produced liquid in the diesel and jet fuel range. This binding licensing agreement with KIER allows us to proceed with developing a Fischer-Tropsch demonstration project that will produce and certify the FT liquids for use in downstream refining, or be upgraded to synthetic diesel or other  biofuels and co-products. The KIER agreement gives us options for exclusive rights to the North American market. It’s an important milestone for us.”

The demonstration plant will consume about five tonnes of biomass per day, yielding up to 3 barrels of Fischer-Tropsch liquids daily.

The company is also working towards securing its first 3 megawatt commercial heat and power project to supply electricity to more than 2000 homes in California. A State of California feed-in tariff introduced in the wake of the pine beetle disaster, which killed 100 million trees across the Sierra Nevadas, strongly encourages renewable electricity production.

Long-term, Highbury remains committed to, and optimistic about, achieving its goal of becoming a leader in supplying renewable electricity and biofuels and providing environmentally sustainable, carbon-neutral alternatives in the energy marketplace.