Envisioning a better world

I remember going to Apple Computer as a young MBA student in 1989 and being amazed by a video I saw of Steve Jobs speaking to his computer. At his command, a map popped up on his screen and gave him directions. While Jobs' futuristic visioning may have seemed to some like chasing rainbows, Apple – along with other hard working, determined and talented companies – literally invented the computer age that has so radically changed our lives.

I believe the bioenergy industry today is where computers were 30 years ago. We are on the cusp of moving from a futuristic fantasy to a new reality for liquid renewable fuels and chemicals – one where we will never again waste resources that for centuries were left to rot or pollute, but rather, biomass will become a valuable resource harvested for the benefit of the planet.

But Highbury is more than just a renewable energy company flaunting a few cool advances in bioenergy and biofuels. Our goal is to become the innovator that thinks out of the box, that allows its employees the freedom to tap into their diverse and creative talents, and that, ultimately, people associate Highbury Energy with renewable energy the way they associate Nike with running or Lululemon with yoga.

Or computers with Apple.

Our gasification technology provides an incredible range of options for users, and allows us an amazing amount of technical flexibility in designing processes for our direct clients and strategic partners. Whether it's a simple heat-only application for kilns, or such integrated projects as producing transportation fuels along with electricity and heat, I'm confident that Highbury's solutions will rise above any technical challenges while affording great economic and environmental benefits.

With a commitment to innovation, sustainability and community focus, we will show the world better ways to shepherd the forests and farms of this small and fragile planet. We will be caring and compassionate to our employees, good corporate neighbours of the communities we live and work in, and acclaimed as an organization that changes the world for the better.

An old adage urges us to write down our vision once we set our bearings. Though the future can seem distant and often uncertain, the vision will surely reach fruition if we stick to it. We have the technology, the people and the drive. Let's pursue our vision and get started.

- Tom Hobby, Chief Executive Officer, Highbury Energy Inc.