We are looking for partners.

Adapted from leading gasification technology, Highbury Energy's patented, innovative dual-bed steam thermochemical technology converts organic matter into high-grade energy gas (syngas). The highly effective and robust process can utilize most types of organic matter, including low-grade biomass, while yielding a clean high-grade syngas of high calorific strength. The process does not require expensive inputs and can run continuously without external energy supply. Additionally, its innovative tar reduction approach eliminates the need for an external tar-cracking vessel.

Owing to the release of hydrogen from water molecules, the technology's steam environment for the reformation of organic matter results in a greater quantity of hydrogen production than would otherwise occur. This cleaned synthesis gas can be fed directly into an internal combustion engine to make electricity or converted to high value liquid alcohols and chemicals.

Highbury Energy is seeking opportunities and strategic partners to build on our technology. We are pursuing collaborations with other ground-breaking technologies, private and government bodies as well as resource holders to further improve on the value proposition of our technology.

We are also looking for partners that can build on our value chain offering such as biomass suppliers, capital partners, airlines and transportation fuel partners.